Looking to experience more of the area?
Here are some suggested day trips to enjoy some of the amazing scenery and history available.

PS - These routes were suggested by motorcycle groups that hosted rallies at the Inn - so they are especially fun for motorcyclists.

Scenic Drive – Hells Canyon Loop
Scenic Drive – Palouse Falls
Scenic Drive – CDA for lunch?
Scenic Drive – St Maries/Plummer Loop
Scenic Drive – Elk River Loop
Scenic Drive – Six River Loop
Scenic Drive – Elk City Loop

Want to have a more leisurely or maybe a more scenic trip on the way here?
Below are some suggestions for routes to reach Moscow from various areas that take you off the highways.

Scenic Drives – from the North
Scenic Drives – from Northeast
Scenic Drives – from the East
Scenic Drives – from the West (OR)